The ABC of Film is an educational programme Restart started in 2013 with the intention of applying an innovative and original approaches to film education from an early age.

The programme allows preschool and elementary school children to get to know and master the fundamental elements of film- and media-making through six thematic modules: photography and shooting, editing, scriptwriting and storytelling, music in film, sound and stereo imaging and interactive animation.


Preschool programme consists of six thematic workshops and primary school programme consists of eighteen workshops divided into six thematic sections. Each of the topics is addressed by two lecturers using various teaching tools which will ensure better interaction with participants in order to allow them to understand the content more comprehensively.

The twelve workshop speakers are well-established professionals in their respective fields with longstanding expertise in education: Ana Hušman, Ivan Marušić Klif, Ivan Lušičić Liik, Vanda Kreutz, Jasna Žmak, Vida Guzmić, Dinka Radonić, Hrvoslava Brkušić, Sandra Bastašić, Ivana Đula, Luka Vrbanić and Tomislav Domes.

Programme is carried out with financial support from Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

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